• 2013-present, University of California, Riverside                    PhD (in progress), Physics  
  • 2012, Tehran University, Iran                                             M.Sc., Nanoscience and Technology


  • 2017 Dissertation Year Program Award

  • 2017 Dr. Janet M. Boyce Memorial Award, ‘Outstanding women in the science based upon strong academic research and impressive letters of recommendation, recognized by Dr. Isgouhi Kaloshian, chair of the CNAS committee on honors & scholarships, and Dr. Michael McKibben, CNAS divisional dean of student academic affairs’

  • 2016 Benjamin C. Shen Award – Outstanding 3rd year grad student. ‘For exceptional contributions to the study of electron transport in low-dimensional materials and their heterostructures.’

  • 2015-2016 Outstanding Teaching (OT) award, ‘Acknowledging extraordinary efforts toward fulfilling the goals and missions of education at the University of California. This is among the highest honors of Teaching Assistants.’
  • 2014-2015 Outstanding physics Teaching Assistant (OTA) award, ‘Given in recognition of teaching excellence at the University of California.’


  • My research towards the study of electron transport in heterostructures composed of 2L-WSe2/MoSe2 has led to discovery of highly efficient photovoltaics that exhibit 350% enhancement of the optoelectronic responsivity through a phenomenon called Interlayer electron-hole pair multiplication by hot carriers, as recently published in Nature Nanotechnology. Please read the whole article on the UCR department of physics and astronomy website here entitled "Creating more powerful solar cells". 

  • University of California news: California’s force for research ​innovation:
    UC Riverside physics grad student Fatemeh Barati studies ultrathin materials-only one atom   
    thick- that could prove much more powerful than today’s technology in capturing and storing  
    energy from the sun. Please read the whole article here.

  • I was one of the two graduate students form UCR chosen by
     Interim Dean of Graduate Division; Kevin Esterling, and approved
     by Kim Wilcox; the ninth chancellor of UCR to meet with
     lawmakers and explain my research to them and also show them
     how graduate research is tackling issues critical to California on
     graduate research advocacy day in Sacramento on April 19th/2017.
     Please read the rest in here .